How and When to use GHR Platinum: Tips That Will Get You Results

Using GHR Platinum correctly is vital to your success!

GHR Platinum on nightstand. Best usage practice.

The best time to take GHR is at bedtime, on an empty stomach, and at least 3 hours after your last meal.

If lifestyle prohibits this practice, then the alternative is to take it before any rigorous exercise, also on an empty stomach. Otherwise, we recommend taking it before meals first thing in the morning.

During sleep and rigorous exercise, your pituitary gland is most active.

To maximize the long-term benefits and effectiveness, take GHR Platinum five days in a row, take two days off, and repeat.

GHR Platinum should be taken for at least 90 days, as recommended,  before evaluating your results. Consistent usage regularly is strongly recommended for maintaining higher levels of HGH.

 Other tips for success.

Choose Friday and Saturday nights as your two days off.

This interferes less with weekend plans or the tendency to eat late on those nights.

If you receive your product on a Wednesday, start immediately and skip Friday and Saturday nights.

Keep GHR Platinum by your nightstand.

This will help to remind you to take the product at bedtime.

A quick note on lifestyle.

Not to be overlooked is lifestyle. The more natural and unprocessed foods you eat, the better the program results.

Refined, processed foods and negative living habits, such as the intake of sugar, alcohol, and smoking, can inhibit the release of growth hormone.

These are the steps that we recommend that will maximize your results.



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