Age-Defying Strategies For A Longer Life

These days we are all aware of how important diet and calorie restriction are to our overall health.

Negative living habits, such as the intake of sugar, overuse of alcohol, and smoking, can inhibit the release of growth hormone, so please use good judgment.

The next time you shop, keep in mind that the more natural and unprocessed foods you eat, the better off you are.

Many certified nutritionists agree that shopping the perimeter of a supermarket rather than the center isles would be an excellent first step.

You'll notice that the center isles are where all the processed and preservative-rich foods are kept.

We are also aware that, along with a good growth hormone releaser, the significant aspects that slow down aging are a healthy diet (as mentioned), moderate and frequent exercise, and good restful sleep.

It is during a deep REM sleep that we release our growth hormones and allow our body to repair and recuperate.