Heart health and the HGH connection


According to the American Heart Association cardiovascular disease and heart attacks account for a half million deaths each year.

Newswire currently reports over 795,000 strokes each year, about one-third of which are fatal.

There is increasing evidence from a number of studies around the world that growth hormone therapy can play a significant role in heart health.

The central role of human growth hormone in cardiac disease can be seen by what happens when people have too little or too much of it.

Both those patients who are HGH deficient and those who have acromegaly, a disease due to overproduction of HGH, have much higher mortality rates due to increased heart disease.

When the body produces adequate quantities of growth hormone, the heart is naturally in a healthier state.

Studies in Sweden found that people with severe HGH deficiency had twice the mortality from heart disease when compared to people of the same sex and age that had normal levels of HGH.

Of those people who survived their deficiencies it was noted that they had a higher fat-to-lean ratio than average. Also, their LDL, bad cholesterol, was higher.

The HGH-deficient patients were also more apt to have a higher blood pressure than normal along with increased insulin resistance.

When these patients were given growth hormone replacement it had a profound effect on their body composition, trimming their fat and bulking their lean body mass. Blood cholesterol and blood pressure had also improved.

Now with this in mind consider other studies, which found that in normal men and women, the more normal their HGH levels, the higher the level of HDL, good cholesterol, and lower their blood pressure.

The use of a well-formulated growth hormone releaser is a safe, low-impact way to slowly and safely raise the body's own levels of HGH naturally.

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