GHR Platinum Helping Stimulate Hair Growth

Thinning hair is not just part of getting old; it can indicate a nutritional deficiency or elevated blood glucose.

Eating a low-glycemic diet and fueling your body with foods high in iron, like fish, beans, and spinach, may help, but you need plenty of VITAMIN C to fully absorb the iron.

More important, you can't grow hair without growth hormone, so getting good GROWTH HORMONE SUPPORT can also help restore your body's natural balance and thicken your hair.

GHR Platinum For Men & Women is packed with HAIR-STIMULATING ingredients that ALSO offer many benefits such as:

• Increase energy and stamina

• Deeper and more restful sleep

• Burn body fat

• Lower blood pressure

• Regulate blood sugar

• Relieve arthritis 

• Thicken hair

• Restore natural hair color

"They used to call me "Que" because I was shiny bald like a que ball. I heard Dr. West on the radio with GHR Platinum, and I gave it a try. 

After 5 months I started noticing my hair coming in thicker, and now, after years of being on the product, I not only have more hair, I can choose different hairstyles!" - Steve, San Francisco, CA

"My hair has thickened, and my eyelashes, gone for 3 years, grew right back with the GHR Platinum. I feel and look like my younger self again. Now my husband is on it, and his hair color is slowly restoring to a darker black. Very impressed." - Janet, Austin TX