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* Lose fat
* Restore hair growth

* Regain hair color
* Reduce wrinkles
* Improve skin texture
* Improve skin elasticity
* Feel Younger
* Elevates your mood
* Improves sleep
* Restore sex drive
* Increase energy
* Restore bone and muscle mass
* Reduce blood pressure
* Reduce cholesterol
* Normalizes blood sugar
* Regenerate heart, liver, kidneys, lungs
* Reduction In Stress

GHR Reduces The Effects Of Aging Quickly And Effectively
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Latest Customer Comments

Dear GHR I have MS and 10 years ago when I was taking GHR Platinum, I was more energetic, focused and "happy", although I was also yonger (30) back then. Gayane A.

Dear GHR Products,
Your product is amazing. At my age your product as managed to help me
gain bulk and muscular tone. It has also reverse my illness with
diabetes. It also has so many positive effects on my body I can't
begin to tell you.
Thank you so much for a awesome product.
Sincerely , Mark V.


Comments and Feedback:
Went off of this for a few months. That was a mistake. Please ship ASAP. Thank you.


Julie 07/17/2014 4:04 pm

Comments and Feedback:
I've been taking GHR products for the past 10 years and even though I didn't see the weight loss that I had hoped for, I have noticed an incredible increase in my eyesight. The only time I wear my glasses now is to drive at night. I have to wear cheaters if I need to see something up close. But over all my eyesight has greatly improved over the past 10 years. 17 years ago I started shaving my head because I was going bald. I still shave my head but after a couple years of taking the GHR I noticed that my hair started to grow back. Not in a big way but enough that I noticed that my bald spot down the middle of my head actually had stubble that I need to shave now. Thanks for a great product.

Matt Wed Jul 02 08:31:55 -0400 2014


Comments: thank you it was the easiest, fastest order I''ve placed on line ever.

Hugo 06/17/2014 11:02 pm.



Robert 06/17/2014 5:10 pm


I am loving GHR the longer I take it. I have so much energy and overall well being. Thank you for a exciting product and sending me emails that provide valuable information.
Darlene 06/15/2014 7:51 pm



Albert 05/18/2014


Thank you for your advices the product is for one of my friends whom already took 3 bottles and his hair is coming back he is so happy with the produce and result.

Isabel 05/18/2014


Comments and Feedback:
I have been wearing eyeglasses since my teens. I am now 66 years old, and I challenged my eye exam and I do not have to wear eyeglasses any more. My old glasses are history. Even my doctor was amazed.

Hans 04/17/2014 11:19 am


Additional Information:
Comments: Great product. It works as advertised



Love the emails, I'm 51 and since Jan 2011 I have lost 50lbs and now weight 150 lbs, with the help of a good diet, exercise and GHR I have transformed my life. My recent doctors appointment all my test came back great and my doctor took me off of my blood pressure medication, due to the fact I didn't need it anymore.
Thank you, I will be a life long GHR user!
Best regards,



...I am now into my 8th month on your GHR Platinum product and can report excellent results. I am 68 yrs. old and have been a supplement health food individual all my life. With this product, I have reduced my waist size 2 inches or slightly more and now can get into some of my old pants!! :-) Also my libido has improved greatly and sleep is deeper than I can remember in years. My wife just ordered her first 6 month supply and will be trying the product. She is 53 and involved with change of life issues. I believe this product will help her with weight gain problems and her overall health. Thank you for the periodic technical updates!

John M. Pardell


Some info for you: Since I have started to take the GHR product, I have lost 40 lbs. It wasn't something that I really noticed, it just happened gradually. I was at 215 lbs and now I am at 175. Also I can tell that my testosterone levels have increased. For this I am thankful. I recently have been having some other issues with my health so I decided to stop the GHR for a short time. Keep sending the reminders and if all goes well I will continue to order.

Thank you, Thomas Rogers.


.. the first and foremost concern from my reconstructive surgeon was that I had been a smoker for 30 years and this would inhibit the time in which I would recover from the surgeries. I recovered in RECORD time and I attribute this to your product. I had been taking it for a few years at that point and I believe I gleaned all the benefits of it, including my body's ability to heal.
Just wanted to let you all know that.



I have been taking GHR for over 15 years and enjoyed the health benefits.



I appreciate such consideration. More power and thanks because I am starting to feel and see the difference of what i am now and 3 months before taking this powerful supplements. One great sign is, lots of black hair are growing in my all grey-white hair head.



Ms. White thanks for the E-mail, I've started feeling less fatigued throughout the day. My biggest downfall is that I smoke. Since my first dose I've noticed a more restful night of sleep and feeling more refreshed when I wake up in the morning. I've ordered the six month supply and am eager to see the full effects! Looking forward to seeing how it will effect my stamina during workouts.



Thank you very much for introducing this GHR Platinum. It did not take long
for me to convince my husband to take it because he saw all the good things
I experienced from taking GHR.

I was seriously considering a hair transplant before I started taking GHR
Platinum,. But now, after 6 months of taking GHR Platinum, the balding spot
on the left front and the top right back of my head are already full that it
doesn't take me long anymore on the mirror combing my hair trying to hide
the balding spots.

Before taking GHR Platinum, every morning when I got up from bed and also
after a couple of hours working using the computer, getting up to walk was
such a pain. I looked like a robot during the first 5 to 8 steps of my walk
because the soles of my feet and my knees really hurt. I wasn't able to go
up and down the steps in my deck nor was I able to go to my sewing room
upstairs; but thanks to GHR Paltinum, I can now walk with ease, go up and
down the stairs without a struggle, not bad for a 60 yr. old.

The other benefits I reaped from taking GHR Platinum regularly are the

1. No more insomnia.
2. Improved hearing and vision
3. Brighter and tighter skin (no need for a facelift or special skin
treatments like skin peeling, facials)
4. 100% arthritis-free
5. Regular bowel movement
6. Active mind with improved memory and concentration
7. Lots of energy

I can't thank you enough for bringing GHR Platinum to us.

Carmencita S.

I would like to postpone any further shipments of your wonderful GHR
product. While I really like them, I have accumulated a surplus and do
not need any more sent until June.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
I look forward to your acknowledgment of my request.


Really appreciate your follow up. The GHR has
significantly improved
both my health and my 83 year old mother's. It is quite remarkable the
difference and noticible for both of us so
we hate to run short. ever.

Again, sincerely thank you for looking after this.







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